JAck "JT" Tyler Headshot


Born into a diverse family of Indian, Mexican, English and Irish roots, JT has developed a unique perspective on the fusion of cultural genres in live entertainment. He is trained extensively in an eclectic set of Eastern and Western styles of dance – ranging from Popping, to Contemporary, to Bhangra – and specializes in the amalgamation of these styles to form unique blends that reflect the environment he grew up in.

In 2010, JT joined NDM Bollywood Dance Productions, where he learned from Nakul Dev Mahajan, the leading Indian dance choreographer in the US, and assisted with choreography for So You Think You Can Dance. He went on to work on major productions including Britney Spears’ Circus tour, where he was able to learn from the legendary Jamie King, and Mystic India: The World Tour. He has come to be recognized as an industry leader for Bollywood choreography, choreographing for Andy Madaian (Universal Studios’ Singer of the Decade), and television shows including Germany’s Next Top Model, and Hell’s Kitchen. JT is now the Associate Producer of BollyDoll Entertainment, responsible for creative and technical direction of all artistic projects along with choreography and animation design for stage productions.

JT joined the MKM family in 2013 and was enamored of the company’s innovative approach to global dance fusion, and the authenticity with which it presents each individual style.