Guest Faculty

Gloria Lanuza Headshot

Gloria Lanuza, performer, teacher and choreographer, has performed with her extended family of accomplished artists since childhood. Lanuza’s work reflects a passion for world cultural art forms. In 2009 she founded Lanuza-Morales Inc., a performance arts company focused on music, dance and education. It presents varied styles including ballet, contemporary, modern, Latin, flamenco, East Indian, Middle Eastern, hip hop, cabaret, world music and dance. Ms. Lanuza, a featured performance artist internationally, performs with her companies; Timeless Footprints, Danza Bohemia and Trends & Tradition. Her mission is to demonstrate an authentic experience of world cultures through diverse arts genres. Gloria believes that the power of creative expression can change the world. She knows that a well crafted arts and education experience can open people’s minds and hearts to inspire dynamic dialogue. Lanuza is dedicated to developing exciting approaches of fusing styles and cultures to create an exhilarating experience in classes, collaborations and performances. You can find out more about her at