posted on Sat, Jan 10, 2015 by Shivani Thakkar

A-Guruphobia by Safada Y Sano productions has been selected as an official film for the 2015 Viva Latino Film Festival in New York, NY. Screening on February 21, 2015, the film features the legend Pepe Serna and producer/actress Jade Puga; directed by Richard Montes. MKM Bollystars founder Shivani Thakkar was the choreographer on this film and the dancers include the Bollystars very own Gloria Lanuza, Shalini Bathina, and Shivani Thakkar. If you are in NY don't miss this fun comedy. The screening is at 12:40pm followed by a Q&A with the cast/crew.

Aguruphobia, is a high comedy that comments on America ’s fascination with Eastern cultures, yoga and gurus. In a society divided by race, politics, economic disparity and morally ambiguous leadership, these self styled enterprising guru’s become instant media celebrities who seduce those who are desperately seeking someone or something to believe in.

Fun fact: The intricate and visually complex dance sequence was actually shot in two takes and could flow as an actual dance sequence as if on stage.